Prose: The Unicorn

Carstairs, the hunter, held his breath as he caught his first sight of the fabulous animal. He was upwind, so there was no chance of it scenting him, but he had been told that it had extremely acute hearing and was very timid. This wasn’t to say that it would not charge him if he […]

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Prose: The Mask

The eyes of the mask are empty now, holes into emptiness, the mask itself the shed skin of a snake. Brady shuddered. As with a snake, it meant that the thing lived on, no knowing where it might be now. Perhaps, like the pupa and the moth, the new form would be completely different — […]

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Prose: The Gardener

The gardener collected his tools. It was time to start work. Today he would restore the garden to its timeless beauty. He picked up his broom and rake and strode recklessly across the carefully prepared garden and gazed with reluctant admiration at the great colourful Mandala that occupied the centre of his domain. Vibrant in […]

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Prose: The Butterfly Murder

Detective Inspector Staines and his faithful sidekicks, D.S.Stubbs and D.C. Terry ‘Gymshoe’ Traynor, piled into the unmarked CID car. The men allowed Traynor to drive the clapped out vehicle, their laziness overcoming their normal prejudice against women drivers. She, always anxious to please, drove very carefully. She might almost have been participating in a driving […]

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