Poem: Waterfall

On a mountain far away Where little streams combine to grow Together, from their interplay A mighty river starts to flow. Quiet at first, through grassy meads And then a gorge with craggy walls Constricts and narrows there, and leads The river to the awesome falls. Confused and angry waters roar And, unsupported, leap in […]

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Prose: The Water Way

“Be patient” murmured the old man, his Buddha smile as calm as a still lake; but the young men stirred restlessly, their hands fiddling with the safety catches of their rifles, checking and rechecking the loaded magazines. Peasant boys most of them, they tugged at the collars of their coarse camouflaged uniforms, uncomfortable with the […]

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Prose: The Shades

The house stares blankly across the narrow strip of garden. From the road, its large windows, with blinds of some metallic reflective material, look for all the world like those disquieting mirror sunglasses that used to disturb my wife—I had to throw mine away. The blinds are forever closed—it wasn’t always that way. It was […]

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