Prose: Walking on the Beach

As he walked along the beach, memories came to him of other beaches he had trodden. The beaches of childhood. The mounting excitement as it was approached in the sunshine; passing the little shops, colourful buckets and spades strung in rows; racks of rude postcards — fat ladies with fat bums and enormous bosoms threatening […]

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Prose: The Launch

The moored vessel rocked gently alongside the little pier, the ripples in the placid water reflecting flashes of sunlight along the white hull to rival the gleaming brass fittings. The fat man gazed at it with satisfaction. Already he peopled the empty deck with a couple of lithe bronze bodies. One, conjured up from last […]

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Prose: Stargazer

It hung therein the blue-black night, a second magnitude star in a minor constellation, hiding among a million others, but his eye found it unerringly it was Home. The tall man turned. Shouldering his pack he set off resolutely to where the beckoning lights of the tiny township offered a lot more warmth than interstellar […]

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Poem: No Sanctuary More

Seek no more a hidden place, No more a veil to hide your face, No hermitage in which to hide, No secret place wherein to bide; There is no sanctuary more. Run no more in panic flight, Nor shun the world in foolish fright. Hope no more that you may find Sweet escape within the […]

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