Prose: Virtuous Reality!

“Safe Sex is Cybersex—Cybersex is SAFE!” Victor hummed the advertising jingle as he prepared for his self-promised treat. He had been saving all month for this. This was the big-time, the upmarket program used by VPs and other execs, not a sleazy “Dial-a-Dame” advertised on the Participorn networks. Victor James was a virtual clerk, a […]

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Prose: Turkish Delight

For the past eight hours the bus had struggled through the mountains. It was night, and Carstairs was grateful for the fact that the vehicle had not had to halt for its hourly rest to allow the radiator to cool. The night air kept the temperature below boiling point,, but, in the bus, the body […]

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Prose: The Wanderer

THE WANDERER It is hard for the likes of me, a homebody, to understand a man like Dermot. A Wanderer, he termed himself, in one of those interminable chats we had that always lasted long into the night. My stock of malt whiskey was sadly depleted on each visit to my lonely cottage, but it […]

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Prose: The Return

It wasn’t the same; it never is. He hefted his carryall, switching hands as it became increasingly heavy. He turned, trudging back along the curiously shortened street, searching in vain for the remembered magic of his birthplace, the chill wind piercing his light weight clothing. Although only mid afternoon, the grey sky darkened, pressing down […]

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Prose: The Journey

I sit in my corner seat, gazing out of the window. The wheels of the train continue their interminable conversation with the rails; the clackety-clack drowning the hum of my fellow passengers as they go about their own business, feeding babies, reading papers, flirting with strangers. But I pay no attention; I am thinking about […]

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Prose: The Icon

The odd shaped domes, atop the squat towers of the little church, gleamed silver in the last rays of the setting sun as the old man paused to catch his breath. He clasped his precious parcel to his chest. The new building seems toy-like to local eyes, with its yellow bricks highlighted with brown, for […]

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Prose: Sweetheart

They were at it anew! Michael heaved a silent sigh. His two dearest friends prepared to do battle once again. “I’m sure you could have done better for yourself Dearest/’ she said, “if only you had been a little more selective in your choice of wives.” Adam hesitated under Eve’s watchful gaze. He looked across […]

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