TLC-TCL Maybe I love you too much! I love the sight and sound of you I love the taste and touch I love the scent of you And the movement My senses are swamped by you And I am undone. But what of the male stereotype? The sexual dominance? The aggression? How is it that […]

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Poem: The Orchid

THE ORCHID Delicate, exotic, the strange orchid entrances the mind With colours and curves that twist dimensions. The eye, deceived, deluded, turns the tormented vision Inwards to infinity. And there, in the depths, lost in the darkness Of flowing forms, one ceaselessly searches The meaning of existence. And echoes sound from a Bach fugue, a […]

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Poem: Musical Interlude

How to begin Ah yes — a violin And its fellow the cello Playing a simple air Two octaves apart And as a base, the double bass Supporting a pyramid of sound. And Oh, an oboe Big brother bassoon The cor anglais (The English homing in again) The wood-winds blowing Heralding an autumn. Bold as […]

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