Poem: Two Work Poems

TWO WORK POEMS. 1. Mantis. The forklift driver mounted the back of the mantis. It raised its arms in ecstasy to the sky. “Watch Out Vic I” t warned him. “Don’t get too involved. “You know what the mantis does to her mate!” 2. Strange Journeys. The timber warehouse, the smell of pine and I […]

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Poem: The Gay Wedding

THE GAY WEDDING The ceremony itself was rather queer. A general exchanging of rings. The gaiety a little forced But all the conventional forms closely observed. The speeches: “Not losing but gaining a son” “A toast to the bridesmen” “May all their troubles…” (But that was too much, and in very poor taste). A quick […]

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Essay: Sympathy. Empathy. Compassionem

SYMPATHY_EMPATHY_COMPASSION BY H. St. VINCENT BEECHEY These words, Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion, are often confused and used indiscriminately (even the dictionary fails to indicate properly the subtle distinctions between them) but to us, the members of ADARDS, there are very real and important differences. An understanding of these differences may well be a help to […]

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Poem: Nostalgia

The scent of daisies: And I am a child again, Lying on my stomach in the grass, Watching the teeming earth with eyes That haven’t seen it all before. The sky, A bluer blue than older eyes can see, Explains infinity. A half-heard tune, and old emotions rise, Catching the throat. A half recalled regret […]

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