Poem: Vision

As I sat quietly by the fire I had a waking dream The whole wide world before me spread, I saw the living and the dead, Massed like a mighty choir Pass in an endless stream. And loud so loud, their voices rang Each voice so loud and clear, And youth and joy in descant […]

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Poem: Three Muses

THREE MUSES. The silent voices call again, The voices heard in childhood dreams. Promising, entreating me to hear The rich wild symphony of starlight gleams. “Come listen to the moonlights mellow tone, The dark bass of the crowding hills. List to the oboes in the wind, And xylophonic notes of evening’s chills.” “Can’t you hear […]

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Poem: The Unborn

We, the unborn, [Heap curses on your heads, Men of the age of Madness. Hope of the the future stillborn, Blighted fruit of your dreads, Posterity accursed are we, To centuries of sadness. – Small was the thought you gave To us, the men of tomorrow. Five thousand years of grief are in your seed, […]

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