Poem: Where

Where can I buy Some rose-coloured spectacles, To hide from my eye, The madness of man. Where can there be A place where atrocities Don’t call to me Of the badness of man. Each, in his way, Thinks himself justified, And night conquers day In the sadness of man. But one day the weak Will […]

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Poem: To My Bath

Subtle temptress, white of form, Alluring in your veil of steam, Smiling white enamel gleam Hinting of a friendship warm. Tantalising, playing the coquette Repulsing my advances, as my toe, Timid as lovers touch, would know Your mood, You hotly chide “Not yet” At last relenting, your embrace Stimulates, then soothes to rest. Secure and […]

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Prose: This Door is open

(?) IV ACT IV SCENE IV (incomplete work) Two warders brought him to the governor’s office and stood one at each side of him in front of the broad desk. The governor made a sign and the prison officers left silently without a backward glance at the seventeen year old who stared insolently at the […]

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Prose: Surealestate

“Seven stairs to seven stars” the phrase ran through my head, recurring, disturbing. Some way off, barely visible through the swirling sea mist, a solitary gas lamp flickered and sang. I pulled my raincoat colour closer about my face and made my way towards it. In the little island of light I looked again at […]

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