“Therefore the sage keeps to the deed that consists in taking no action and practices the teaching that uses no words”




  1. The wise man delights in militant apathy
    Taking no notice he hopes it will go away
    In vain the fools hope for words of wisdom
    and know nothing of MYOB*


  1. He who has wisdom does not seek to change things
    Knowing that the nature of nature is change
    He allows it to happen


  1. Free will and determinism cease to be a problem
    Knowing the inevitable
    one is free to accept it


  1. The existence of problems is problematic
    It is folly to wish that something is not which is
    or something is which is not
    Do not so wish it
    And Lo! where is the problem?


  1. I do not seek to teach you
    Either you will learn or you will not
    I cannot eat for you, or respond to your calls of nature
    To invade the privacy of your mind
    violates the principles of MYOB*


  1. The only absolute is relativity
    The only reality multi-dimensional
    The meaning and significance you attribute
    to certain patterns are peculiarly your own


* Mind Your Own Business