I should have guessed when I heard that E was in Kakadu and M had flown to Sydney and that people seemed very thin on the ground in the centre.
“It shouldn’t be TOO hard.” said the intake worker (who insists on anonymity), “Though it is a bit unusual.”
A Male – Male mediation was rare but not unheard of. The I.W. kept a wary eye on me and explained that the parties were brothers.
“Do they live together?” I asked. The I.W. gulped and nodded and added “They are Twins”.
“Fine!” I said “Where’s the problem? I suppose there’ll be the usual sharing issues: Who does the housework; crowding each other’s sex life, use of the lounge room sofa; that sort of thing?”
“That and more!” said the I.W. “One of them is Gay.”
I said that I could handle that and went on to agree that the fact one was a Born again Christian and the other a follower of Islam didn’t faze me. That one preferred Brubeck to Louis Arm- strong threatened to get me involved but I assured the I.W that professionalism would prevail. Where was the Problem?
“They are TWINS” said the I.W. “Inseparable. They come from SIAM!”
“Thailand.” I corrected.
“That too,” said the I.W. But they ARE!”
And they were. Siamese twins. Joined at the hip and sharing vital organs. Inseparable! I told you it was a tough one.
The real trouble came later when one of them insisted on a Private Session!