Ryan was a little nervous. It was his first time on this side of the desk in a job interview, he took a quick look at the applicant’s C.V.
“Tell me, Mr Smith. Why do you wish to work for us?”
The reply was a conventional one. Ryan made a note.
“I see from your C.V. that you have worked for a number of companies across the country. What was the reason for your frequent changes?” (More furious note taking)
Ryan warmed to his task. “I quite see your point, Mr Smith, but what do you think you can bring us?” He listened carefully to Smith’s reply and continued the interview, racking his brains to remember how he had behaved in a similar situation. He continued his questioning, asking about skills, and sometimes following up to elicit further information.
He thanked Smith, and asked if he had any questions concerning the company and the conditions of work and salary rates.
They rose, and he shook Smith’s hand.
“Quite good Ryan.” Said ‘Smith’ as he left the office. “Quite good indeed!”
Ryan heaved a sigh of relief as he looked at the executive retreating back. The role- play was over.

© H.St V.Beechey 2005