Fear us! Society – We are the Changelings!

And you are right to feel uneasy.

For we are NEW.

Rebels there have been – Revolts and Insurrections

And Wars – civil and uncivil.

And you have played that game and know the rules

And take measures – and usually succeed, or fail

To be replaced by others of your kind

Who quickly forget their slogans and assume your mask –


But we are different

For we are indifferent – And that you cannot tolerate.

We will not play with you – Anymore.

And you will be left with your expensive toys

Lonely and ageing in a changing world.

You are uneasy, but not as yet aware that time has passed you by.

Despite the signs – despite the warnings – you still believe

That we are still the same as you

And we will change and come to our senses

If you are oppressive enough – NO WAY!

If you need proof just look

Look into the alien eyes of your children

And see clearly for once – and know fear!

For there is nothing you can do – Nothing in your rules to cope

With this – a different game

Sure – you will break a few heads – and fill your jails

And hear your warders wail “They have no respect for authority”

And your judges will rant and rave “Contempt of Court!”

Amused contempt of court.

And there’s the rub

We will not take you seriously.

For the Dodo is all the more comic for being extinct.

And still you cannot understand

And ask us “What is your alternative?”

With the implicit assumption that we are still playing by your rules.

Okay. Okay. Let’s tell you once again.

We reject and affirm.

We reject Good and Evil

And In and Out and Tall and Short and Male and Female

And Rich and Poor and Capitalist and Communist

And Saint and Sinner and God and Devil and Black and White

And we reject your codes and laws and morals and mores

And religions and institutions.


And we reject History

And cause and effect

And with true illogicality we reject Logic

We even reject True or False

And most of all we reject your spurious inducements

Your badges of rank, Your bits of paper, Your two car garage

Your split level homes, Your keeping up with the Joneses.

We reject the Joneses.

We reject YOU.

Is that enough?

I need hardly add that we reject your guns and your wars

And your prisons and your concentration camps

And we are totally indifferent to your causes.

But we affirm – Yes also we affirm.

We affirm love – but don’t get complacent

It is not the love of “Love and Hate” with which you are familiar

It is a different love – a love of Being.

A love of Beings – including YOU, Dodo!

For we admit that you are as you are- and as you have to be.

And we affirm that we are as we are and will be as we will.

And we are sad for you, and have compassion for your hangups.

And we will mourn for you. For You – not for your game

Which strikes us as silly, and in rather bad taste.

Yes we affirm – Being.

And you will never understand this Being beyond individuality.

Hot Man against Nature but Man in Nature. The sense of belonging.

For we too believe in a system – an Eco System

In which we have our being.

And unlike your system this one is not made

Not constructed – planned – designed. It Grew

And has its being in eternal equations

(I told you that you couldn’t understand!)

You speak to us of rules – But you have broken Laws

More basic than your Ten Commandments

And for that you will die – And we are sorry.

And sorrier still at the prospect that you may take us with you,

As well may be the case.

But we still have the hope that the imbalance may be cured.

That nature is righting itself – through US

The changelings.

Peace and Love you Bastards

You are going to need them!

H.St.V.B. Circa The Seventies.