November 9, 1987

St.Bridget of Ireland St.Vincent Australis Intercession


One of my flock is in a wondrous state of confusion which appears to concern one of your lasses. Therefore, St. Bridget, I am asking, informally of course, for your help in this matter.

It appears that my lad finds himself far more attracted to a certain lady than he feels that he has any right to be.

At first sight, there would hardly seem to be a problem, either the boy wants the gal or he doesn’t, but as you will know in the Saint business, things are never quite as simple as that. He is in a period of transition. He recently suffered a bereavement and is still in mourning for a life companion to whom he was devoted. He was sustained in his grief by the sympathy of some very dear friends amongst whom was a certain lady whom he has always admired and respected for her warm and caring personality.

Now your average sinner would find no difficulty, he would just pursue the lady, and his own selfish pleasures for as long as it suited him. This lad of mine though is a strange one. He finds it impossible to think of people as objects. When the average man thinks in such terms as “A good sort”, “A bit of fluff” or even “A Beautiful Woman” he is thinking of people as objects, to be used. My fella, though, is a trifle unworldly. Of course, when he looks at her he does see a beautiful woman, but he sees more. He sees a person, a real live human being with feelings. He senses too that he is in the presence of a very special person with a rare inner beauty that should be cherished and protected.

Here, of course, we come into your province St.Bridget. May I ask you, as one Saint to another, to have a quiet word with your lamb. You may well find that her feelings for him are purely those of neighbourly compassion and if this should be the case I have no doubt that he will accept the situation with gratitude. Concern such as this can only aid him in his difficult time. If, however, her feelings match his as he currently conceives them to be then I urge you, St.Bridget to do your Saintly duty. Warn her of the possible consequences.

I have counselled my man long and earnestly. I have pointed out that he is most likely in emotional turmoil and therefore in no fit state to judge the situation sanely but he replies that he is a poet. I warn of age differences and he says that he can hear the birds singing again. I caution him that others are involved, a husband, a family, the CHURCH but he points out that the roses are a mass of colour this year. Frankly, I can do very little with him in his present state of mind so it is up to you, St.Bridget, to protect your own. I suggest that you urge caution. I know it sounds unfair but I feel that this is a case where only absolute honesty will suffice. Perhaps between us, we can clear the air. My regards to St.Patrick.