The clock struck the expected twelve times, hooters hooted, sirens screamed champagne corks popped and the usual intoxicated voices chanted the customary song.
‘Should Old acquaintance be forgot?”
Well, should it? The philosopher considered the question.
Let us face it. Those referred to are Acquaintances, not friends. If they were that old an acquaintance and had not made it to the status of Friend, surely it was time to let them go. Otherwise, they were merely tedious additions to the annual Christmas card list. True, it helped prop up the postal service and gave work to itinerant artists and writers of bad verse, but was it really a good enough reason to take a cup of, what was it? “Kindness Yet” (perhaps a euphemism for some lesser known single malt.) And why was it for the sake of Old Lang’s Eyen. Who was Old Lang? And why his eyes?