Fourteen Postcards

1 Well here I am! The coast at last! Booked in at the Premium Motel. Bought this card at the desk and dashing this off before I do the town. H.

2 Hi again. After steak and chips at the Diner I found the Gold Star Disco. Noisy but nice. Didn’t dance much (you know me) but one of the girls sat with me. She is nice – not what you’d expect. I told her about Maroopnadore and the farm and things. She said that she was from the country too. Her name is Anna,  well Annie really, but her working name is Anna. H.

3 Anna is off in the mornings. She showed me the special beach. Boy – you should have been there – Topless and everything. I was a bit embarrassed but after a while it all seemed very natural. She took her top off too — WOW! I didn’t know where to look – well I did – and they are beautiful! Envy me mate. H.

4 Anna and I went back to her place after work – for coffee of course. She told me about her Ex. The B… I’d like to tow him round the back paddock behind the tractor. Death is too good for the likes of him. Catch up tomorrow. H.

5 Anna is lovely. Big brown eyes and big brown… Well, her tan is everywhere! I think she likes me a lot. I’ve told her about the Tatts win, but not how much – well maybe I’ve skited a little. She stayed last night – wonderful – and hungry for breakfast. Will write tomorrow. H.

6 This is IT buddy. True Love! Wow! I’m remembering last night. I’d read about it in the book (you know, the one you lent me) but I didn’t really believe it would happen to me. I thought it would be too much, but really it was very gentle – beautiful – Wow – Writing tomorrow. H.

7 She tells me that I am really the first, The others don’t count. I wrote her a poem and she cried. Man, I am really rapt. She is so gentle – beautiful – Wow! Writing tomorrow. H.

8 Annie’s Ex is called Tom. He is a bouncer at The Silver Towers. She says that it is all over between them, and he knows it. Anyway he left her for Sylvia, the blonde one. I should worry! Anna loves me -, I know it. A bloke called Sid tells me Tom doesn’t like me dating Anna. Tough! I’m not worried. H.

9 Met him last night, her Ex. Rough looking cove. A bit flash – city slicker type — but I’m bigger than him – six foot three to his five foot eight. I could pitch him further than a hay bale, and I think he knows it. He acted friendly but I don’t like his eyes. See ya, H.

10 Anna stayed again last night. I did things – She did things – Well – can’t talk about it. Perhaps I won’t even be able to tell you – but Man – it’s beautiful – wonderful – lovely. I wouldn’t have believed it. Not me – and with her! WOW! More tomorrow. H.

11 How can I tell you on a postcard? I’m in Love! I’m in Business! Anna told me about it. Introduced me to these two Yanks – Cyrus and Mervyn would ya believe! Seems they’ve got this option – Got the drop on the Japs for a new development. We could make MILLIONS! Cheers, H.

12 Drew a Bank Cheque today. Just to show willing. We must get in quick to beat the Nips! They are after it too. If we can take up the option we are all set. If this goes through I can make a home here with Anna, she is all for it. I wrote another poem last night – show you when I get home, it’s Ace! H.

13 Don’t understand it. Tom, The yanks, The Nips, okay! But ANNA! Mate, I’m devastated. Easy come – Easy go! But ANNA! Hell Mate – ANNA, of all people! What we had was special. You wouldn’t read about it. We were so close. She was a dream Mate, a bloody dream – And I woke up! H.

14 Coming home. Don’t say it! Two hundred thou’ down the Gurgler. The cops say they reckon I’ve had it. Not much hope now that they’ve all skipped. Don’t say I told you so or I’ll punch your bloody head in! Buy me a ticket in next week’s Lotto. See ya, H.