“Have you finished in there? We haven’t got all day!”

“You’ll just have to wait, Constable, things are difficult one-handed. Besides, I shouldn’t be in here, I should be in the Ladies.”

Some Lady! Come off it George, you are right where you belong – in the Disabled toilet. That’s what you are – disabled! The sarge taught me that trick? one handcuff on the wrist, the other on that help rail: Gives the prisoner privacy and sufficient mobility. Neat, eh?”

Don’t call me George. The name’s Gina, short for Georgina. You are awful cruel to me Jim.”

“Old habits die hard. You were George in the school team, the best full forward we ever had. Christ! I nearly died when I found out who you were!”

“It was a shock to me too, but be honest, you half fancied me yourself when you saw me.”

“But your figure looks so real!”

“It is real Jim, hormones! Why don’t you face up to it? I’m a Woman now old mate”

“Women don’t say ‘Old Mate’ mate. You are just kidding yourself. The way I hear it, every cell in your body is labelled Male. Who’d have thought it of YOU George of all people! I’m still suffering from shock. It is bad enough having to take you in, but as a WOMAN! Crikey what are the blokes going to say!”

“It’s useless trying to explain it to you, Jim. Only I know what it has been like trapped in a man’s body. Since the operation, I have felt truly free.”

“Well, you’re not free now! You are not likely to be for quite some time.”

“How long do you reckon I’ll get?”

“‘Assault causing actual bodily harm’, about six months if you are lucky. The victim is ‘Known to the police’. He probably had it coming to him. I wouldn’t like to be the judge, he’ll have to decide which gaol to send you to.

“Oh God! Surely they won’t send me to a men’s gaol! Not now that I.ve had the operation. They can’t do that to me, Jim, they CANT!”

“How should I know. Now get a move on. We haven’t got all day!”