I’m sure it must be Venice; you can see one of the bridges to the left of that column with the lion on it. It’s funny though, that ought to be San Marco square but there’s no sign of the Campanile. Maybe the artist has his back to it. What sort of a picture of San Marco would leave out the Campanile! Spaghetti without the sauce! I recognise those arches, though. There are a lot of little shops hidden away beneath them. Venetian glass. Swirly colours and so delicate you’d think those vases and things would break if you so much as looked at them. And the prices! Things always seem so much in Lire. Maybe we should have bought something. Chance of a lifetime, and all that. But if I had, I’d have worried for the rest of the trip.

What a trip though. It was fun, three girls together. “Safety in numbers,” Doris said. But Elsie said “You two cramp my style. I’m sure that gondolier wanted to get me on my own.” She was only half joking, but a bargain’s a bargain, I always say. We promised to stick together, and stick together we did.

I liked Venice. I reckon it was the best place on the tour; real historical, just like the pictures on the postcards. Trouble is, everyone’s seen them before. Still, it’s nice to be able to say that I’ve been there. It’s a bit smelly, and the water looks dirty. Bits of rubbish floating about,, you’d think the tide would wash it out twice a day. Doris said that there isn’t much tide in the Mediterranean. Elsie was on her like a flash “You mean the Adriatic, That’s what it’s called round this side of Italy!” I knew that, but 1 didn’t want to show up poor Doris. Elsie can be such a bitch sometimes. Still, she’s good company, especially on a trip. It would have been a bit dull with just poor Doris.

Ah well, I’d better be going. The rest has done me good, my feet were killing me in those shoes. Goodbye Venice! Goodbye Artist, you did a good job there! Quite took me back.



(c) Copyright H.St.V.Beecbey, 1993