Sit there damn you!
Squat and solid in your suchness
Humming quietly to yourself
In an unknown tongue
Smug in your being
Thinking yourself so clever Refrigerating.

But I know something you don’t know.
We made you – Do you hear?
Well maybe not I
Not I personally
But someone did;
Some man
Some human Man
Conceived and drew
And Blueprinted
And scrabbled in the earth
Picking with care
The necessary metals
And cut and pressed
And turned and twisted
And baked on your enamel.

You are nothing but a thing!
D’ya hear?
(I jeer)
I was not made
I grew!
Not like you – THING!
And yet you sit there
As if you owned the place;
Your single sense alert to temperature.
’Switch on’ – ’Switch off’
Is that all you can think of?
You – Machine!

Be like that!
I can hum too.
D’ya hear?

H. St.V. Beechey November 1971.