A flash of lightning.

A tree leaps from the darkness.

Gone, it is still there.

A jewel glistens.

Rainbow fires, red, blue and green.

It is a raindrop.

Where are all the dreams

Of our hopeful tomorrows.

Lost in yesterday.

The waves on the beach

Speak angrily of a truth

That no one can hear.

An ancient castle.

The ruins hug the hilltop.

The moss on a stone.

Look on this seashell.

Once it was a house – but now

forever empty.


A foot and a nail.

Punctures come by two it seems.


Wise men do not seek

That which is there all the time.

It was never lost.

Forlorn, a lost dog

Sis listening with perked ears.

A familiar step.


Copyright H.St.V.Beechey