And after a while lie got up

and saw his shoes

neatly side by side



and put them on

his quiet eyes watching

watching his deft fingers

dancing with the laces

And SHE came in

speaking words to him with her mouth

but he saw only the folds of her dress

and the swell of her breast

as it curved to fit

(or fitted to curve)



And he moved his eyes

(to eye his move)

raising his head to lower the room




And others were there

and were gone

but SHE remained

her hair flowing like a river

and brought him coffee in a squat and solid cup

strangely patterned

And later

she sat with him

holding his hand

with a hand with a hand with a hand

firm and cool

and watched him with eyes of blue pools

with a wondering approval

and it was all



Copyright © 1972 H.St.V.Beechey