Beginnings are different.

The Hope, the Newness, the Unfolding; Sprouting shoots greeted by spring sunshine; The thawing of ice, the greening.

But Endings?

The unacknowledged inevitable,

For all things must end,

Are always traumatic.

The initiator has anguished;

Waking at four in the morning,

Running scenarios through the mind,

Role-playing the final rejection.

And the Rejectee, secure in his complacency, Is unaware of the shock to come,

Completely unprepared

For the final showdown.

And the two parties approach,

The critical mass building,

Building to ineluctable destruction, Fission.

With a bang – With a whimper.

What does it matter?

What does anything matter,

It is ending.


Copyright H.St.V.Beechey.