Ann Greely (28) Arthur Greely (37)


The presenting reasons for this mediation are sexual problems and a deterioration of the marriage. It is uncertain who has initiated the request for mediation as they approached the centre together. Arthur seems to do most of the talking. He is ostensibly ‘gallant’ towards his wife but seems to take a keen interest in the female staff in the centre, following them with his eyes.

The couple has one child, Andrew (6) but Arthur has a son by a former marriage, Peter (10) who visits him fortnightly. The two boys play together but Ann suspects Peter of bullying Andrew. Andrew denies this but “acts scared” when visiting days are near.

Arthur is vague about the sexual problems he is complaining of and talks obliquely of their sex life being ‘ordinary’. On his interview, he said “A bloke needs a bit of excitement. You know, titillation, not the same damn routine. It’s like having beans on toast at every meal.”

Ann says that she loves her husband but never seems able to please him. She feels that it must all be her fault. She tries her best. The intake worker notes that she seems very anxious and, during the initial joint visit, always looked at her husband before answering a question. In her private interview, she seemed very jumpy and apologetic but professed a willingness to go to mediation. It was during this interview that she spoke of her fear that Peter was bullying Andrew, she didn’t mention anything controversial while they were together.

On the briefing tape, the intake worker says that she feels that there are some ‘hidden agendas’ and that a private session might be an option. Certainly, the balance of power seems to rest with Arthur.


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