Jill Brown, nee Smith B.A. (Hons.) (27) David Brown B.Sc. Ph.D.(27)


David and Jill met at university and formed a three year de facto relationship, sharing accommodation, hopes fears and ambitions. It was a very loving relationship and, to celebrate their graduation, they got married. Jill became a social worker (and breadwinner) whilst David continued his post graduate studies for a doctorate. The marriage lasted two years.

After being separated for a year they divorced and for the year since did not see each other. Four weeks ago they met accidentally at a party. At David’s insistence they had dinner together the following evening and spent a happy evening reminiscing. By mutual desire they went to bed.

David assumed from this that Jill “had come back to him” and that their previous relationship would be resumed.

Jill is somewhat annoyed by his assumptive attitude but she is lonely. Her few relationships since David have not worked out well and she discovers she is still very fond of him. He has grown more like a cuddly teddy bear than ever and he is showing signs of neglect. He certainly needs a woman to keep him in line.

Jill proposes Mediation to establish the ground rules and the conditions for her return.


One Issue! He wants Jill to “Come Home”. This idea obsesses him to the extent that he will agree to anything and promise the earth for her return. Jill senses this which is why she has insisted on Mediation. Only a written agreement will satisfy her.