Date: June 8, 1990.



Bearded Poet seeks lady. Qualities hoped for – Caring loving personality; Intelligence; Love of music (Mozart to Traditional Jazz); Must have active mind, interested in psychology, sociology, anthropology, social sciences, quantum mechanics, literature, Art, Humanism, Ecology, Computers, Languages, Writing, Poetry, Fine food, Good wine, Good works, Tarot, Runes, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Crystals, and the possibility of the Transcendental, especially in relation to (Tantric) sex; Or SOME of the above!

Age? Inconsequential, though probably at least 50+.

Looks? Inconsequential, If you have an Inner Beauty it will shine through.

Commitments? Also inconsequential providing it doesn’t involve any weapon wielding jealous Ex-husbands, lovers or boyfriends!

As for me, I am an ageless, eternally youthful MIND, in a well-preserved body, you will check on my statistics when you phone me. I am a caring and considerate man of independent, though modest means, own house, own car, own income. No debts. No commitments. I make no demands. I am a philosopher. If we are compatible I will accommodate myself to your needs. I am a widower of a very successful and long term marriage. I do not like the singles scene but I feel that I still have a lot to offer, of love, of caring, of commitment. You must be a very exceptional lady. If you are interested phone or write. I will reply.

By Harry St. Vincent Beechey