Prose: Winter

I dressed to please him, hoping in vain to detect a glint of approval in the ice-blue eyes that so matched his name. Herr Winter, our Special Weapons instructor, showed no sign of favour as he took us through our drills yet again: The killer scent spray, a single press Chanel No.5, a rapid coded […]

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Poem: Windows

The moonbeam probes the arrow slit. Searches the ruined keep to find Nothing within – Not even a ghost. The squadron of fish, in close order drill, Flits to the right in perfect formation Indifferent to the porthole Of the sunken troopship. Graffiti scrawled, the whitewash Obscures the window of the empty shop And the […]

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Poem: Where

Where can I buy Some rose-coloured spectacles, To hide from my eye, The madness of man. Where can there be A place where atrocities Don’t call to me Of the badness of man. Each, in his way, Thinks himself justified, And night conquers day In the sadness of man. But one day the weak Will […]

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Article: What is Philosotherapy

Many people who are suffering from very real and distressing problems are hesitant to seek professional advice because of the social stigma which still prevails, however unfairly, on those who undergo psychiatric, or even psychological, treatment. The situation is doubly unfair considering the fact that, for the most part, the problems requiring solution can by […]

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Essay: What is a short story

A short story is a piece of literary work meant to entertain the reader. Be it about the author’s personal experiences or an item of fiction, a story should be written in such a way that the reader can identify with the main character, relate to him, feel for him, hate and love with him. […]

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Poem: Waterfall

On a mountain far away Where little streams combine to grow Together, from their interplay A mighty river starts to flow. Quiet at first, through grassy meads And then a gorge with craggy walls Constricts and narrows there, and leads The river to the awesome falls. Confused and angry waters roar And, unsupported, leap in […]

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Prose: Walking on the Beach

As he walked along the beach, memories came to him of other beaches he had trodden. The beaches of childhood. The mounting excitement as it was approached in the sunshine; passing the little shops, colourful buckets and spades strung in rows; racks of rude postcards — fat ladies with fat bums and enormous bosoms threatening […]

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Poem: Vision

As I sat quietly by the fire I had a waking dream The whole wide world before me spread, I saw the living and the dead, Massed like a mighty choir Pass in an endless stream. And loud so loud, their voices rang Each voice so loud and clear, And youth and joy in descant […]

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Prose: Virtuous Reality!

“Safe Sex is Cybersex—Cybersex is SAFE!” Victor hummed the advertising jingle as he prepared for his self-promised treat. He had been saving all month for this. This was the big-time, the upmarket program used by VPs and other execs, not a sleazy “Dial-a-Dame” advertised on the Participorn networks. Victor James was a virtual clerk, a […]

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Poem: Viewpoint

He entered the railway carriage – The Newcomer. Placing his attache case on the rack. Seating himself delicately His fingers nipping his trousers to preserve the crease. And they regarded him The Travellers Bored by the long haul from A to B. A morals charge, mused the policeman. But that was reminiscing. It’s allowed nowadays […]

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