His close friend Wally Marek writes:

“There are a lot of things about Harry that remind his friends of the genius of Spike Milligan; whereas Spike went to England we got Harry. Harry had the same capacity for not taking himself seriously… A number of people have said that Harry is the best-read man they’ve met. His home library took up 12 bookcases and that’s not counting the books stacked on the floor (in every room). And the amazing thing about it was that he remembered the books he had and was able to find a book when it entered into a discussion. Harry fed an interest in crime and science fiction by reading up to three weighty novels in a day. He was an accomplished fast reader and dangerous to take to a bookshop. In our wide-ranging discussions, Harry liked to refer to himself as a sage and a polymath. In Harry’s case, this was not a pretentious title. Many people considered Harry to have been their mentor. When I was tackling an MBA in 1996, Harry (at the age of 71) was prepared to take on the subject of modern management with me. If it was not for Harry, I do not believe I would have been able to achieve my MBA. ” (Wally Marek)


Harry and Writers Club


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Another close friend of Harry’s, Diane Brooker, is now a published poet thanks in part to Harry’s encouragement and mentoring. In 2004 Diane’s book of poems was published, with all proceeds going to the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation.


Diane writes:

Harry made me believe I could do anything, so when he told me my poetry was good I believed him. Consequently three years ago I self-published my first poetry book and am now busy writing another. Harry was not only my friend he was my Mentor. Who now will talk with me about words as he did? (Diane Brooker)

Harry was also intrigued by the language of Esperanto, so set about studying and mastering the language so well that he achieved the title of Professor in the language, he was quite disappointed when it did not take over the world as had been predicted.


Harry holding the certificate of appreciation for his voluntary work teaching new Australians ‘Proper English’ as he called it.

Harry was also a Toastmaster and president of the MOORABBIN SAINTS TOASTMASTERS CLUB INC committee.